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A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that removes or eliminates a band of elastic tissue that connects the gum tissue directly adjacent to the gum line to the lip, cheek or floor of the mouth. It is usually performed under local anesthetic with very quick healing. The frenum is part of the normal oral anatomy, but may sometimes restrict movement of the lip, cheek or tongue, or may impinge on the gingiva (gums). Occasionally, a large or wide frenum may inhibit normal function.

Causes of Injury

The most common source of injury or damage to the frenum comes from foreign materials and devices put into the mouth. Braces and dentures can rub against the tissue of the mouth and cause ulcers, sores, and bleeding. Aggressive brushing can also damage the frenum and cause problems that lead to the need for gum repair.

About the Frenectomy Procedure

The frenectomy procedure is performed in our office under local anesthetic, generally utilizing a laser. In most cases, this procedure takes 10 - 15 minutes and no stitches will be required. Dissolving stitches will be placed to help the tissue heal. This area will be tender for 4-5 days but should not prevent your child your any school related activities. Following a lingual frenectomy, it may be sore to talk for a few days, but this will quickly resolve as the area continues to heal. You will feel very little during this procedure, and most people are comfortable with over the counter medication, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Benefits of Frenectomy

Patients who are informed about their choices and have chosen to undergone frenectomy have experienced better quality of life.

  • It reduces oral pain and discomfort for the patient.
  • It improves facial appearance and tooth and gum structures.
  • It promotes high levels of self-confidence in appearance and speech.
  • It enhances bite power, uniformity, function, and form.
  • It stabilizes prosthetics such as dentures and prevent injury from occurring.
  • It enhances the ability of an individual to communicate freely and correctly.
  • It improves overall wellness by ensure good eating habits.
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